Director’s Summary by James With 


I was sitting and drinking, discussing filmmaking with a friend I’d known for a very long time and he popped the question. No, not the proverbial question but something along the lines of “If I was to invest a small amount into a movie how far would that get us?” … I was flattered and giggled but then…


Catching the sincerity in his eyes my mind kicked into gear and I replied “Let me think about it over night and get back to you.” Thus, in August 2015 the idea for this micro-budget indie film was born and the title came naturally from our meeting. I want to make a meaningful film that not only satisfies the investors who have placed faith in me; I want to make a film that is innovative by design, naturally speaks the truth and appeals to a wide audience, a film that focuses on people communicating face to face.


Why? Because our world and humanity has rapidly evolved into an IT-driven, high-tech connected “Internet of Things” … and it keeps steamrolling. Many people are being left out, other people walk around bumping into walls, zombie-like gazing into their smartphone devices. My personal feeling is that people all around the world have become overwhelmed by the changes affecting their daily lives. They have become drones linked to gadgets and gizmos, and are less connected to humanity, their very essence for existence.


To shine a light on the importance of human interaction and communication amongst people seems to me to be the perfect setting for this film and a way to deliver the moral and ethical messages so important to our modern age and the generation to come. Stress kills, a healthy lifestyle is about balance. Acceptance of “what’s changing” beyond our personal spheres is interwoven within a tapestry of dialogues becoming the complex interactive driving force in life and in my film. This acceptance is the supporter and provides the impetus, the energy, action, reflection, reaction, which hopefully then leads one along a successful journey of discovery. S.A.D is about real life, real people, reeling, rehabilitating, realizing and responding, S.A.D is universal and intimate.


The project has taken shape quickly and I am excited to see reactions in the eyes of people I talk with. As we develop the project and as we head into production there are multiple aspects to cover. Whilst the power of social media can help raise awareness about the film and our team is working tirelessly behind the scenes, I am cautious about balancing the whole process of filmmaking; revealing, anticipation and delivering a well-crafted film to a global audience.


It’s the first time I have looked at crowdfunding a film too and the more one researches, more questions arise. Understanding, focusing, balancing and shaping S.A.D has become a spontaneous combustion of learning and becoming more involved in the very aspects the film subject material is aiming to spotlight. Ay, there in lies the rub!


To me filmmaking has been and always is about the team and teamwork and going on a journey together; balancing the parameters with my production partners and crew and supporters as much as it is about telling a pertinent and personal story in moving pictures. My opinion is today more than any time since Hollywood movies conquered box offices, low budget independent films can compete head-on with huge budget studio movies and not only win hearts and minds, indie films can excel and successfully deliver across continents. SAD isn’t it? Yes, I am an optimist, a realist and a romantic, and just like most people on the planet I am concerned about living life and creating a positive difference, sharing and caring. Thank you for taking time to read this and I look forward to completing this film for you and me to reflect on together. God willing we’ll get the chance to be S.A.D together, not just pat each other on the backs in cyberspace. I do sincerely hope you enjoy the experience of being S.A.D. Blessings and well-wishes,


James With

James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
James With Producer/Actor/Director
Director’s Summary by James With – Director/Producer/Actor - S.A.D The Movie

S.A.D The Movie being the second film James With is producing and filming on location in the Kingdom of Thailand is unique in its approach to production design and implementation. “S.A.D The Movie” also known as “Sitting and Drinking” is poised to be a directorial debut for the actor turned producer and is conceived from the outset as a micro-budget film utilizing crowdfunding as a source to support the production budget requirements and associated production parameters.


James is known for his active involvement in many films both in front of the camera and behind the scenes; “The Quest” “Robo Warriors” “Independence Day” “Rambo” and “Bangkok Dangerous” to name but a few. James is passionate and dedicated to filmmaking and is concurrently working on a slate of larger projects in various stages of production and development with his flagship company TRI-US Entertainment, Shlepp Entertainment, Shlepp Records and other associated production partners.


James has his home in Bangkok and has worked with many of the talented local film crews in Thailand’s film industry for over 20 years. His previous film as the Consulting Producer “A Stranger In Paradise” was theatrically released in 2013 and was critically acknowledged at the 2014 Thailand International Film Destination Festival with an Honorable Award For Contribution to Thailand International Film Industry.

James with - Producer
Stevie Eagle E - Music Producer

With over 35 years’ experience in the music and entertainment industry, it’s fair to say that Stevie Eagle E has experienced, first hand great diversity in the entertainment industry as a whole. 


Stevie Eagle E (Stephen Ellis) now focuses his vast knowledge, experience and talents on finding and developing Artists, projects, films and products for Shlepp Entertainment thier partners and for others. 


From the age of 10 when he cut his first record Stevie Eagle E has been a part of the R&B, Reggae and Rap Scene.  Working with  artists such as Courtney Pine, Frankie Paul, Freddie McGregor, Smiley Culture, Peter Andre, Mark Morrison, Jocelyn Brown, kym mazelle, The Flirtations, Ready 4 the world, Jazzy B, Imagination, Sam Fox, Mica Paris, Mystque, Judy Mowatt from the Wailers, Ziggy Marley, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs,  in fact the list goes on and on.  Stevie Eagle E boasts that there is only 2 degrees of separation from him and any artist, producer on the planet who has done anything.  Working with top producers like Stock, Aikman and Waterman,  David Hawk Wolinski, Jazzy B, Trevor Horne and many others has also helped mould Stevie Eagle E into the unique animal he has become today.  


When one digs into the history of Stevie Eagle E we find a man that is involved in the very fabric of the entertainment industry on so many levels, from Pirate Radio stations, building community projects and making TV shows it seems there is no end to what Stevie Eagle E has done and can do.  He has a ‘No boundaries’ philosophy which has now taken him into Film, PR, Marketing and Management at the highest levels.  


So it comes as no surprise that Stevie Eagle E would be behind Chinese most promising international prospect ever - Ayi Jihu.   

He set about developing Ayi Jihu into China’s first independent crossover artist.  The so called ‘Chinese Madonna’.  This has put Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment in a unique position. He has been able to achieve things no one else has done before.  He has forged relationships with government and business and companies at the highest level in Asia.  His respect and growing understanding for China and its people and culture and time he spent there building bridges and also breaking down doors paid off in the end.  He shot the first reality TV show in Macau (China) Asiantar24. 


Fast forward once again to now and we find Stevie Eagle E venturing into film.  His Fearchaser™ Film is set to be a blockbuster production and has captured the imagination of millions; it has already been turned into a successful online game played by 25 million people worldwide. He has made award winning short films and continues to grow into all areas of the entertainment industry.  Stevie Eagle E also has developed a Social Networking empire reaching over 15 million people a month worldwide through his Marketing, PR, Social Networking and News sites.


Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd continue to grow and diversify staying ahead of the ever changing trends in music and entertainment as well as leading the way in many ways.  His philosophy is simple and can be found in the name of his company Shlepp.  Hard work and integrity is what Stevie Eagle E is all about.  ‘The talent and genius is a given, but without the rest you have nothing’.

About S.A.D the Movie

Al Caudullo - Cameraman

Al Caudullo’s multiple award winning career has spanned 30 years of video production including excellence in HD, 3D and now 4K UltraHD.


His career highlights include – including ground-breaking work in Videowalls - the 72nd Annual Academy Awards, the Year 2000 Daytona 500, the World Film Premiere of “Star Trek Insurrection,” and the 100th US Open PGA Golf Championship. During the Official Washington DC Millennium Celebration, Al served as Special Consultant and equipment supplier for President and Mrs. Clinton.


In the field of 3D, Caudullo created and taught 3D filmmaking courses at Mahidol University, Bangkok and Hollywood, California. In addition, Caudullo has brought his vast knowledge of 3D as a consultant to major industry players seeking to update and enhance their 3D hardware and software tools. As a 3D Stereographer and 3D Editor for film, TV and corporate production, his clients have included LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, Grass Valley, Samsung, NVidia, 3DeeCentral, Polaroid, Toyota and many others.


Al Caudullo is responsible for many successful case studies including a Case Study on 3D Stereoscopic Editing in the Field while on location in the mountains of Western Mongolia. He is often cited in a wide variety of international publications including, MSNBC, ICG (International Cinematographer Guild) magazine and Bernard Mendiburi’s latest book, “3D TV and 3D Cinema, Tools and Processes for Creative Stereoscopy.” Al has served as a 3D Expert for major manufacturers and as a "Bona fide 3D Expert" in legal proceedings.


Most recently Caudullo has been in the forefront of the exciting field of 4K UltraHD creating projects for Sony and Grass Valley. Shooting with the newest Sony 4K UltraHD cameras, his work was highlighted at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2014. Al Caudullo has been a featured speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide including in China, Singapore, and Hollywood.

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